Life is short - your lashes should't be


Understanding the basic principles of classic is imperative for a student to understand before they can move onto the volume course.  The foundations of the lash industry and techniques were built during our classic course- once understood and mastered the volume course would be for the technician wanting to take their career to the next level



Due to technological advancements in the lash extension manufacturing process, manufacturers have been able to create super light and super fine extensions. 





The Eyediology kits have been meticulous put together and are all about providing the very best quality products for the students.  Most of the products have been specially formulated to provide only the best care for the lash industry, and the women in it.

1 x Pro Volume adhesive 1 x Lash Primer 

1 x Lash cream remover
1 x Lash Tweezer – S Curved 

1 x Lash Tweezer – 45 Degree
1 x B curl 0.07 mixed tray 1 x B curl 0.07 10mm tray
1 x B curl 0.07 11mm tray 1 x C curl 0.07 mixed tray 1 x D curl 0.07 mixed tray
10 x Lint Free Cleaning Applicator 10 x Mascara Wands 5 x Mop Caps

5 x Alcohol Swabs 1 x Face Masks 10 x Gel Pads

1 x Micropore Tape 1 x Transpore Tape 

1 x Individual Lash Pallet 1 x Cleansing spritz card
5 x Aftercare Cards 

5 x Consultation cards


Upon completing the Volume Course, students will receive a document of completion. If a student wants to become an Eyediology Certified lash technician they must attend the entire course as well as follow up practical sessions. Their work will be thoroughly assessed by a member of the Eyediology Academy team to ensure it meets the standard we believe should exist in the lash industry (this will apply to theory and practical).