Understanding the basic principles of eyelash extensions is imperative to a person’s lash career.  Our Classic Course is packed with fundamentals that will equip students with the skills and confidence they need to start a successful lash career.   Classic or Individual extensions is the foundation of the eyelash industry.  The process involves the careful placement of a single extension fiber to a single natural healthy eyelash, approximately half a millimeter away from the eyelid skin.  Students will be taught an array of topics ranging from basic definitions, isolating, placements, framework, eye designs, grooming, and retention issues to name but a few.



Our course is different to most as it spans over several weeks.  The first three days is packed with theory and practical sessions on mannequins as well as live models, thereafter students are requested to come in with models once weekly to apply a set with our trainers present.  Eyelash extension is a challenging skill to learn and by constant follow up sessions with our trainers, students don’t pick up bad habits while learning and ultimately leave feeling a lot more in control of their careers.


Life is busy and we understand that it’s a big commitment attending our course due to the time implications, however our aim is to equip our students as much as we can to ensure their success as an eyelash technician.   All Classic students receive access to the course material in the form of a manual as well as access to our trainers after the course to assist with topics they may be struggling with.


The Eyediology’s kits have been meticulous put together and are all about providing the very best quality products for the students.  Most of the products have been specially formulated to provide only the best care for the lash industry, and the women in it.

1 x Pro care adhesive
1 x Lash Primer
1 x Lash cream remover
1 x Lash Tweezer – Curved
1 x Lash Tweezer – Straight
1 x B curl 0.15 mixed tray
1 x B curl 0.15 9mm
1 x B curl 0.15 10mm
1 x B curl 0.15 11mm
20 x Lint Free Cleaning Applicator
20 x Cleaning Brushes
20 x Mascara Wands
10 x Mop Caps
10 x Alcohol Swabs
10 x Face Masks
10 x Gel Pads
1 x Micropore Tape
1 x Sensitive Tape
1 x Transpore Tape
1 x Air Blower
1 x Adhesive tray
1 x Individual Lash Pallet
3 x Medicine Cup
1 x Scissors
1 x Cleansing spritz card
10 x Aftercare Cards
10 x Consultation cards


Upon completing the Classic Course, students will receive a document of completion. If a student wants to become an Eyediology Certified lash technician they must attend the entire course as well as follow up practical sessions. Their work will be thoroughly assessed by a member of the Eyediology Academy team to ensure it meets the standard we believe should exist in the lash industry (this will apply to theory and practical).


At Eyediology we have created a course that is a lot longer, incredibly hands on and focuses on in-depth training and mentoring of our students. Many lash courses offer certifications to students after completing their training regardless of their skill level, but at Eyediology we feel our students should be held to a higher standard so that their clients know that their lash artist has earned their certification.


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